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2024 NHL Draft: Top 10 Goaltending Prospects Set to Shine

2024 NHL Draft: Top 10 Goalies to Watch

As the 2024 NHL Draft approaches, scouts and teams are eagerly evaluating the top goaltending talent available. Goaltenders are often the backbone of a successful team, and finding the next great netminder can significantly alter a franchise's trajectory. This year's draft class boasts a deep pool of skilled goaltenders, each with unique strengths and potential. Here’s a look at the top 10 goalies to watch in the 2024 NHL Draft.

1. **Mikko Heikkinen**

Mikko Heikkinen from Finland has been a standout in the Liiga, Finland’s top professional league. At 6'4", he combines size with exceptional agility and a calm demeanor under pressure. His ability to track the puck and make quick lateral movements has scouts projecting him as a future NHL starter.

2. **Tyler Brennan**

Playing for the Prince George Cougars in the WHL, Tyler Brennan has developed into a reliable and consistent performer. His impressive save percentage and ability to steal games make him one of the most sought-after goaltenders in this draft. Brennan's strong positional play and athleticism are his standout attributes.

3. **Ivanov Petrov**

Ivanov Petrov has been turning heads in the KHL with his mature play and technical proficiency. The Russian netminder is known for his quick reflexes and excellent puck handling skills. Petrov’s ability to remain composed in high-pressure situations makes him a top prospect for teams looking for a dependable goalie.

4. **Sebastian Cossa**

Already drawing comparisons to NHL stars, Sebastian Cossa has been a dominant force in the WHL. His 6'6" frame and remarkable athleticism allow him to cover the net effectively. Cossa's high hockey IQ and excellent rebound control make him a premier talent in this year’s draft.

5. **Jesper Wallstedt**

Hailing from Sweden, Jesper Wallstedt has been impressive in the SHL. Known for his calm and composed style, Wallstedt excels at reading the game and making timely saves. His consistent performance and maturity beyond his years have positioned him as a top-tier goaltending prospect.

6. **Carson Bjarnason**

Carson Bjarnason has been a standout in the WHL with his excellent positioning and quick reflexes. His ability to maintain focus and perform under pressure has made him a valuable asset for his team. Bjarnason’s agility and technical skills are highly regarded by scouts.

7. **Hugo Alnefelt**

Hugo Alnefelt, another Swedish talent, has shown great promise with his performances in the SHL. His calm demeanor and ability to handle the puck with confidence set him apart. Alnefelt's athleticism and strong glove hand are key aspects of his game that make him an intriguing prospect.

8. **Dylan Garand**

Dylan Garand has been a consistent performer in the WHL, known for his quick reflexes and solid positioning. His ability to read the play and make crucial saves in tight situations has earned him high praise. Garand's work ethic and determination make him a reliable goaltending option.

9. **Benjamin Gaudreau**

Benjamin Gaudreau has shown significant development in the OHL, demonstrating excellent technical skills and poise in the net. His agility and ability to make acrobatic saves have made him a fan favorite. Gaudreau’s potential to develop into a top-tier goalie makes him a key player to watch.

10. **Nikita Chibrikov**

Rounding out the top 10 is Nikita Chibrikov, a talented Russian goaltender playing in the MHL. His exceptional reflexes and ability to remain composed under pressure have been standout features of his game. Chibrikov’s ability to control rebounds and his strong mental game make him a promising prospect for the future.


The 2024 NHL Draft is rich with goaltending talent, each prospect bringing unique skills and potential to the table. As teams look to secure their future in net, these top 10 goalies are sure to be highly sought after. Whether it's through their size, agility, or mental toughness, these young netminders have what it takes to make a significant impact at the professional level.

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