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Victoria Beckham Steals the Show with Crutch-Assisted Final Bow and Supportive Kiss from David, Despite PETA Protest.

Victoria Beckham capped off her Paris Fashion Week show with a display of resilience and love, overcoming a recent injury and PETA protestors to deliver a heartwarming finale. Despite needing crutches to navigate the runway, Beckham's determination and unwavering spirit shone through as she showcased her latest collection.

The show wasn't without its challenges. PETA staged a protest, voicing their concerns about the use of animal products in Beckham's designs. However, the designer remained unfazed, choosing to focus on her creations and the support of her loved ones.

Following the presentation, Beckham emerged for her customary final bow, receiving a thunderous ovation from the crowd. In a touching display of affection, her husband, David Beckham, met her halfway down the runway for a sweet kiss. The entire Beckham family, including their children Harper, Brooklyn, and Nicola Peltz Beckham, were present in the front row, cheering her on with immense pride.

Victoria's unwavering spirit and the supportive gesture from her husband resonated with many, offering a glimpse into the strength and unity of the Beckham family. While the PETA protest sparked conversation, it ultimately did not overshadow the success of the show and the heartwarming moment shared between Victoria and David.

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